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Executive branch

Petrikovsky District Executive Committee
247940 Petrikov, Gagarin str., 15

Chairman of the Petrikovsky District Executive Committee

Alexandr Kohan
Phone: 2-70-20

He heads the Petrikovsky District Executive Committee. Coordinates the work on the study and selection, placement, improvement of the professional level of personnel of executive authorities, enterprises and organizations of the district, the organization of the formation of a reserve for positions included in the personnel register of the district executive committee, and work with them, on the certification of civil servants, to improve the structure and staffing of the executive committee, to ensure the activities of the district Council of Deputies and development of territorial public self-government, organizational support of elections, referendums and other important socio-political campaigns and events held in the district.

First Deputy Chairman - Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food of the district Executive Committee

Kozinets Oleg
Phone: 2-71-20

Coordinates the work on the development of the agro-industrial complex of the district, the production and processing of agricultural products, providing the population with food, land resources, issues of paid services to the population in supervised industries.

Deputy Chairman in charge of economic issues

Yanchenkova Alexandra

Phone: 2-70-30

Coordinates issues of economy and economic reform, foreign economic and banking activities, tax and financial policy, oversees the development and provision of the main directions of development of all sectors of the national economy and the budget of the district, conducts general issues of development of industry, transport, communications, consumer and commercial services of the population, material and technical resources, investment funds, fuel- energy complex, energy conservation, denationalization and privatization of communal property, use of property of former military camps, statistical analysis, pricing, consumer goods, insurance activities, control over the implementation of social standards (through the Department of Economics of the district executive committee), business development, as well as issues related to property seized, seized, confiscated or converted to income of the state in another way.

Deputy Chairman in charge of construction and housing and communal services

Degtyar Alexandr

Phone: 2-70-40

Coordinates the implementation of state programs to protect the population from the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, the construction complex, including the construction of agro-towns, improvement of settlements, transport, communications, distribution and use of state capital investments, investment funds, other sources of financing for construction, economic authorities in emergency situations, issues of paid services to the population in supervised industries.

Deputy Chairman in charge of social issues

Phone: 2-70-44

Coordinates issues of ideological work, public awareness, development of education, healthcare, culture, sports and tourism in the district, youth policy, socio-political organizations, as well as issues of paid services to the population in the supervised industry.

Managing Director of the district Executive Committee

Pastukhova Elena
Phone: 2-70-45

Provides organization of preparation and registration of meetings of the district executive Committee, control over the execution of Decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus, resolutions of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, decisions of regional and district executive committees, orders and instructions of the chairman of the district Executive Committee. Monitors the implementation of the executive committee's work plan. Conducts issues of material and technical support for the activities of the executive committee, compliance with internal regulations, work with citizens' appeals and office work.