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Petrikov was founded in 10th century. According to the ancient legend, the settlement was named in honor of its legendary founder, duke christened Piotr.

Petrikov was first mentioned in 1523 as a settlement in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

In the first half of the 16th century duke Yuri Olelkovich constructed a palace in Petrikov that was destroyed in 1534-1537 during the war between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Moscow state.

Since 1793 Petrikov is a part of the Russian Empire as the center of the volost’ of the Mozyr uyezd /Minsk province/.

On 1917 Petrikov was mentioned with the history of the Belarusian SSR in the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics.

Since 1924 Petrikov is the region’s center.

In 1938 it was grated the status of a town.

During the Great Patriotic War residents of the Petrikov region fought for freedom and independence of the Motherland. The town saw an underground regional committee of the Communist Party of Belarus and numerous partisan brigades. Five natives of Petrikov were conferred the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

On June 30, 1944 the town was liberated from the Nazis. Some 3 thousand soldiers, partisans and commanders were killed, their names were immortalized in memorial plaques, names of the streets, monuments and obelisks, in the book Memory. The memorial in honor of soldiers-liberators of the town of Petrikov was erected in the urban park.