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Belarus president promises to sort out concerns of Belaruskali workers


SOLIGORSK DISTRICT, 20 June (BelTA) – The matters that concern workers of OAO Belaruskali will soon be sorted out. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the promise at the meeting with representatives of Belaruskali personnel on 19 June, BelTA has learned.

"I know of your problems and worries, I've received your signals concerning traders and swindlers, import substitution, executives and other things. They are not catastrophic, we will sort them out," assured the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko asked the workers to treat their executives more carefully but never forgive mismanagement and thievery. The President praised top executives of the potash industry for keeping up production volumes and promoting products onto markets during the difficult time. "But if they fail to do something, we will soon tune everything and will put them into their place," added the Belarusian leader.

The head of state mentioned problems of the repair, construction, and installation department of OAO Belaruskali in view of the undergoing re-organization. "Why are you afraid of working independently? I understand your concerns. If you lose the paternal care of Belaruskali, you may lose the work volumes that you now have while some private businessmen may take them over. It won't happen. But the repair, construction, and installation department has to compete, too. It cannot stay dependent on miners, the main producers of potash fertilizers, and feed off the trough constantly," said the head of state.

"There is one principle: everyone should work and everyone should exercise efforts. But nobody will take your bread from you. If you need more work, we will help," noted Alexander Lukashenko.

Speaking about the concerns of Belaruskali workers and the development of Soligorsk, the President assured that nobody will offend the miners or leave them alone. "We will always support you but you should remember that you are not the poor ones. We have cities and towns where we have to go and invest heavily today," he remarked.

"You have your jobs and salaries. This year we will work at full capacity and will sell a decent amount of fertilizers. We will also take care of mismanagement," added the head of state.