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Beltamozhservice to increase freight shipping via North-South Corridor


MINSK, 28 April (BelTA) - The Belarusian company Beltamozhservice will increase the volume of freight traffic through the International North-South Transport Corridor, BelTA learned from the the company.

“The global events of recent years have changed the world dramatically. Pandemics, geopolitical tensions, sanctions are the factors that transform global and regional trade. Adapting to external conditions, exporters are looking for undeveloped markets and entering them, changing the geography of freight transportation. A new transport and logistics reality is forming. In the current circumstances export supplies from west to east are being reoriented in the Belarusian-Russian space. Logistics operators are more focused not on restoring supply chains, but on developing new schemes to ensure stability of deliveries and delivery of goods within the required time,” the company said.

Beltamozhservice, as a national logistics operator, is actively working to reorient cargo flows from west to east, directing the vector of its development toward providing transportation and forwarding services to Belarusian exporters. Trade flows are redirected from the Baltic ports to the Russian ones. Beltamozhservice has signed agreements with the largest Russian ports in St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, and Novorossiysk.

Today Belarusian companies are focused on intensive development of promising markets of the Caspian Basin states. In this regard, the role of an important international transport artery - the North-South Corridor - in building logistics schemes is taking to the front. This large-scale infrastructure project of multimodal transportation will provide access to the Persian Gulf through Iran with further transportation of products to the United Arab Emirates and India.

Beltamozhservice is actively forming new logistics schemes for the direction of cargo flows through the International North-South Transport Corridor. At the 26th international exhibition TransRussia 2022 the company signed a quadripartite cooperation agreement with Special Economic Zone Lotus, Port and Logistics Company Kaspiy and Kotlin Shipping Company. The agreement helps the company to proceed to practical steps on transshipment and transportation of Belarusian export cargoes via the International North-South Transport Corridor.

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