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Minister: Land reclamation measures will increase crop yield in Belarus by 1.3-3 times


MINSK, 5 April (BelTA) - Land reclamation measures will help Belarus increase the yield of its crops by 1.3-3 times, Belarusian Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo told BelTA as he commented on the Belarusian president's Address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly.

“All in all, land reclamation activities were carried out on the area of 57,300 in the country in 2022. Of them, reclamation systems were restored on the area of 29,900 hectares (3% above the target). Cultural and technical reclamation measures were completed on the area of 27,400 hectares, which exceeded the plan by 5%. Thus, all regions have fulfilled the plans,” the minister said.

According to Igor Brylo, the work to restore reclamation systems on the area of 110,000 hectares will be carried out as part of the financing of reclamation activities in 2023 (a four-time increase in comparison with 2021).

“According to scientists' estimates, land reclamation measures on the area of about 110,000 hectares, as well as compliance with the requirements of technological regulations of crops cultivation, developed in the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, will secure an increase in crop yield by 1.3-3 times, depending on the initial degree of wear of these land systems. As a result, the additional yield over five years will be about 10 million centners of fodder units. It is about 1 million tonnes of milk,” the minister explained.

In his words, with purposeful work in land reclamation and the responsible use of this land there are all grounds to get 50-52 centners of fodder units from each hectare of arable lands and 30-32 centners of fodder units - from meadow pastures.

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