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Is it difficult to get financing from the innovation fund?

The main condition for applicants is a detailed study of an innovative project and the development of a business plan. Then you need to pass the departmental technical expertise of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee, after that you need to pass the state scientific and technical expertise at the SCST, then the project is included in the State Program of Innovative Development.

Who can receive funds from the innovation fund and for what purposes?

These can be both large high-tech production facilities and innovation-oriented enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, these are budgetary funds that are allocated on an irrevocable basis, but under certain conditions. Firstly, the projects must be new, technological, scientific developments. The second condition is that when reaching the design capacity, the level of value added per employee should not be lower than the average European indicators (for each type of activity its own, on average 55 thousand euros). There must be an export-oriented innovation project (excess of exports over imports).

What preferential conditions and preferences are provided to the investor when concluding an investment agreement?

The mechanism of investment contracts allows you to create comfortable working conditions for the implementation of projects, regardless of the territory on which the project is being implemented, allows the investor to establish additional guarantees for the protection of his capital and at the same time receive preferential conditions and preferences for the construction of facilities for the implementation of an investment project, including individually, the main of which are:

– construction of the facilities provided for by the investment project, in parallel with the development, examination and approval of the necessary project documentation; - leasing of a land plot without an auction for the right to conclude a lease agreement for a land plot with the registration of the necessary documents for the allotment of the land plot simultaneously with the execution of construction work;

- deduction in full of VAT amounts paid upon purchase (import into the territory of the Republic of Belarus) of goods (works, services), property rights used for design, construction (reconstruction), equipping of facilities provided for by the investment project;

- exemption from import customs duties and VAT when importing technological equipment (components and spare parts to it) to the territory of the Republic of Belarus for its use on the territory of the Republic of Belarus as part of the implementation of an investment project.

What unused real estate objects are available in the Petrikovsky district for the implementation of investment projects?

Information about unused objects of unused property available on the territory of the Petrikovsky district, proposed for the implementation of investment projects, is posted on the official website of the district executive committee in the "Investor" section of the subsection "Industrial sites and real estate".

Where to apply?

For investment activities on the territory of the Petrikovsky district, it is necessary to contact the Department of Economics of the Petrikovsky district Executive Committee at the address Petrikov, Gagarina str., 15 (office 106), contact phone numbers (02350) 2 42 02; 2 70 17.